Wind Turbine Blade repair


rope access blade repair, Scotland, edinburgh

What we had to do

MGF were contracted to carry out the inspection and repair of damaged wind turbine blades in Texas, USA. The contract started in early August and ran through to the end of October. Most of the damage was category 4 – 5 due to lightning strikes. Giving the teams some complicated repairs, with the experience of the teams that were deployed these types of repairs (although complicated) were carried out with speed and efficiency. Reducing turbine down time for our clients with the turbines coming back on line as soon as possible. In very windy part of the country organising our repair schedule from the inspection reports allowed us to carry out the larger blade repairs when the weather windows permitted. Studying the inspection reports and from the vast experience of the teams we were able to liaise with our client to ensure that there was minimum downtime and lost hours due to the weather. Our Blade repair teams excelled receiving great praise from our clients securing further work.

wind farm texas sunrise

Project Details

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